What is a Gray Divorce? A Gray divorce or Silver Splitter or Diamond Divorce is a term referring to the demographic trend of an increasing divorce rate for older (“gray-haired”) couples in long-lasting marriages. The Underwood Law Firm has years of successful trial results* but, we attempt to resolve disputes outside of the court system [read more...]

In an uncontested divorce, my office usually prepares the necessary divorce documents in about 2 business days. Next, the divorce documents are submitted to the appropriate court. The final divorce can take a few weeks to be ordered by a judge. Sometimes it can take a little longer (4-8 weeks) if the court has a [read more...]

An action for divorce may be started in New York only when: 1. The parties were married in the state and either party is a resident thereof when the action is commenced and has been a resident for a continuous period of one year immediately preceding, or 2. The parties have resided in this state [read more...]

Below please find the article, “Top Five Questions to Ask Your Syracuse Divorce Lawyer” Choosing a lawyer can be overwhelming. Not only do you want someone to be experienced, but you want them to be approachable too. A mix of professionalism and someone who is personable is necessary during what can be a very stressful [read more...]

Under New York law, a married couple can enter into a written settlement agreement that will essentially determine all relevant issues in a divorce and therefore the court will not have to decide for the parties certain issues. The required issues to address include: Legal Grounds- Click HERE for more information. Child Custody and Visitation [read more...]

What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce in NY? Which one should they choose? In general, the differences between the two are as follows: 1. Legal Separation: is typically only a signed separation agreement between the spouses. There is no requirement that a court is actually involved. It is recommended that [read more...]

Separation Agreement: Under New York law, a married couple can become legally separated if they have both signed a written agreement. A separation agreement typically includes the following topics: child custody, child support, visitation (parenting time), spousal support, language or provisions relating to future assets or debt and plan for living arrangements (such as who lives [read more...]

Alimony (also know as spousal maintenance) and tax consequences in 2019 In 2018 and in prior years, anyone paying alimony (spousal maintenance) in New York was able to deduct the payments from their income for tax filing purposes and the spouse receiving payments was supposed to claim them as income. Starting in 2019, the federal [read more...]

Collaborative Law in Syracuse and CNY

Collaborative Law in Syracuse and CNY As an experienced Syracuse Divorce Lawyer for over 13 years, I know first hand all of the details involved with both divorce litigation and also alternative methods of resolving matters such as Collaborative Law, Negotiations and Mediations. Alternative methods of resolving matters are helpful when parties can work together [read more...]

There are several grounds or legal reasons to get divorced in New York (as we have previously discussed HERE) and one of them is Adultery. What is Adultery? Adultery is defined in NY as a voluntary sexual act between the spouse and someone other than the spouse. What type of proof is required to prove adultery? [read more...]

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