May 29, 2020 update: Coronavirus (Covid-19) update for Matrimonial cases in Syracuse

According to the Office of Court Administration, the Court appears to be proceeding by (phone and/or video chat only) for existing cases until further notice.

New divorce matters are able to be filed (e-filed only) but in person filing at the County Clerk appears to start on June 8, 2020.

Further, according to Gov. Cuomo’s statewide ban on non-essential workplaces, the Underwood Law Firm remains open but is operating pursuant to “remote” work mode until the ban is lifted which is currently scheduled for June 1st. This page will be updated, as necessary.

All of our staff remains using laptops at home that are synced to our network. Fortunately, we utilize state of the art computer technology that allows us to respond rapidly and effectively to a variety of legal scenarios and there are redundant encrypted servers preventing data loss and/or breaches. We are easily able to access all computer files for past and present clients immediately. As for phone calls, voicemail and text messages, they are all being forwarded to appropriate personnel so that we stay current on all matters.

Please contact us at (315) 445-3005 if you are an existing client or if you would like to become one.
If you prefer, we are also available by email:
Please note we are still providing free consultations daily by phone.

These initiatives are part of our continuing efforts to assure the operation of our office in the safest possible manner for the public and our employees in this time of medical emergency.

Thank you for viewing our website and support in these efforts.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael E. Underwood, Esq.
Underwood Law Firm, PC.

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